Multiply Your Coaching Business: 10 New Marketing Realities for the Coaching & Consulting Industries

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Hi all, welcome to the OWLMO blog! The OWLMO team will be hosting a very exclusive webinar with the successful coach Kevin Judge as a speaker.


The Webinar will be FREE for all so make sure to register using the link at the bottom of this article!


Below is the premise of the talk and a detailed agenda of the content that will be discussed.



What business are you in? The answer to that question must be MARKETING!


Most coaches are going about marketing their coaching business the wrong way. What worked in the past no longer works! You might be a great coach, but unless you understand and get really efficient at marketing, you won’t make it in today’s marketplace and economy. There are new marketing realities. Those who know about these critical shifts in the marketplace can capitalize upon them. Those who don’t are destined to continue to suffer poor business performance or even perish in the industry.


It’s getting much tougher to win in a big way today. Profits will continue to be squeezed as the coaching industry grows and under qualified coaches flood the market with low cost offerings. As coaches try to gain market share by competing and doing more of what continues to be ineffective, a new breed is emerging: those who create uncontested market share and make the competition irrelevant.


This session is bursting with new, powerful and low-cost ways to market yourself and create a lucrative coaching business. It will change the way you do business no matter where you are located: Kanata, Kampala or Kalamazoo.


In this interactive 90-minute session, participants will explore the new marketing realities and generate actionable ideas to help them:

  • Better appeal to the minds and motivations of coaching consumers
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Raise credibility and visibility
  • Attract desired coaching clients
  • Increase referrals exponentially
  • Make the competition irrelevant
  • Grow a lucrative coaching business



For the few of you that are not familiar with our thought leading speaker here is a little bit more information about Kevin Judge:


Kevin is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He helps individuals and businesses close the strategy to execution gap; essentially helping people that are serious about their success and willing to make the changes necessary so they can produce extraordinary results and transform impossible futures into reality.


He helps them create and execute a rock-solid plan, to think and do business differently than most others, and to stand out from the crowd so they can be successful in a fiercely competitive market.


For over 21 years in the corporate world, he helped individuals and businesses across the globe find success through targeted coaching, talent management and organizational development initiatives. He now runs his own company doing the same type of work and has added the Lucrative Coaching business to help coaches get more clients, transform more lives, and get paid well doing it.


Sign up for this FREE webinar below and bring you coaching practice to the next level!


Owlmo Webinar


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