OWLMO Is The Single Service Integration Point For All Consulting Professionals

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Hi all welcome to the OWLMO blog – Being a new solution on the market we often get asked who is OWLMO for? and How can it help my business?


A very well written article about us was published by the team at We Are Social Media and we wanted to share it with you on the blog. Enjoy!


The rise of the shared economy has given way to a new generation of professionals, pursuing their career goals as freelancers. 


Whether they work as nomads or just remotely, it’s now easier than ever to scout and find a professional in any corner of the world, and connect with them. And now, there’s a platform that helps consolidate all stages of hiring, and working with, a consulting professional online.

From booking to invoicing, OWLMO is the platform that promises to revolutionize the lifecycle of consulting.


With OWLMO, consultants can set up their booking preferences, customise any potential offers, set a pricing scheme, perform video calls, manage their clients, invoices, and payments. You will no longer have to hop from you booking app, to your chosen video call platform, to your payments app.


While the benefits on the consultant-side are pretty obvious, it’s also a very efficient platform for clients.


Sign up for free on www.owlmo.com and bring your business to the next level today!

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