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Hi all welcome to the OWLMO blog – today we want to discuss how coaching is different to mentoring, therapy or consulting.


Prior to launching OWLMO and becoming highly involved in the coaching community it was difficult for us to make a clear-cut distinction between coaching, mentoring, consulting and therapy – so we did some research and asked subject matter experts.


How is coaching different to therapy?


Therapy is often related to a treatment, the idea of fixing a past problem or trauma, often digging deep in one’s childhood to find the root cause of an issue and solving it. In fact, the word literally means “curing, healing”. 

Now as mentioned in previous articles coaching acknowledges the past but most importantly focuses on helping someone move forward and accomplish his goals in the future. The focus is more on upcoming opportunities to be seized.


How is coaching different to mentoring?


A mentor is an individual that has accomplished the goals someone is currently pursuing and would advise to follow in his exact footsteps to achieve similar results, almost mirroring someone’s actions to accomplish similar successes.

A coach on the other hand will take into account someone’s morals, beliefs and experiences to help them find their unique road to success, understanding that there could be several paths to achieving a goal.


How is coaching different to consulting?


A consultant is often an individual that is hired to solve a specific issue, a concrete task. He will implement a plan, find relevant solutions and provide the results to his client. Very little interaction happens between both parties during the reasoning phase.

A coach on to other hand tries to involve his client at every step of the way, always guiding him to the path of success. Thomas Crane in his book The Heart of coaching says: “Coaching is a healthy, positive and enabling process that develops the capacity of people to solve today’s business problems”



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