How to find the right coach?

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Hi all, welcome to the OWLMO blog – today we want to talk about the main things to look for when searching for a coach.


As we mentioned in previous articles the coaching industry is booming and new experts are constantly calling themselves coaches – so how do we find the one that is right for us?


A coach is an expert that will help someone overcome roadblocks in order to accomplish the goals he has set for himself. But one cannot be an expert at everything thus it is very important to narrow down our search as much as possible. Nowadays coaches are more and more specialized so finding one that has extensive experience in solving a problem similar to the one we are facing is easier than ever. Also, the increase in online coaching tools such as OWLMO enables someone to broaden his search past local listings in order to find that diamond in the rough.


Secondly, coaching is about opening up to an expert in order to seek help in a personal aspect of our lives which could put us in an extremely vulnerable state, therefore it is key that we trust the coach’s abilities. The most sensible way to do so is to seek a coach with the appropriate credentials. Organizations such as the International Coach Federation have created guidelines that coaching schools follow in order to benefit from recognized accreditations. However, that does not make all coaches with no credentials bad or unprofessional and perhaps one with no diploma might be better suited to help us. In that case the best way to find the appropriate expert is to use referrals. One should ask his entourage if they have used a coach or if they know someone who has, this will automatically build trust between the expert and the one seeking help.


Finally, coaching is an interaction between two human beings, therefore personal and gut feelings often come into play. A coach will often offer a free discovery session to determine if there is a right fit between both parties, it is important to use that time wisely to make the right decision.


At OWLMO we enable a coach to manage and streamline his practice using a unique and centralized solution but we also reduce friction on the client side to make it easy to find and interact with the right expert to accomplish personal or professional goals.


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