The Importance of Coaching!

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Hi all, welcome to the OwlMo blog – today we want to talk about the importance of coaching, as you may know, we are not certified coaches ourselves however we have been actively involved in the industry for quite a while and wanted to share our thoughts on the question.


First of all, this post has been inspired by the eye-opening talk Atul Gawande gave at a TED event earlier this year and we urge you all to watch it: (


How do professionals improve at what they do? Is it sufficient to go to school, graduate with a degree and hope that we will constantly get greater at our daily tasks?


It is very difficult to unlearn something that we have learned in the past however in today’s rapidly evolving society a skill acquired yesterday may no longer be relevant tomorrow. It is our responsibility to continue improving ourselves on a daily basis.


A coach provides an outside perspective, a different view on a recurring problem, guiding someone to the solution he has been looking for all along. Through our professional careers and personal lives, we run in to issues that we manage to avoid because we don’t necessarily have the answers to fix them. On the short term, it may seem as if we are removing the problem but on the long run it just keeps us stagnant as the issue will rise again.


Gawande describes coaches as “external eyes and years providing a more accurate picture of your reality”. Sometimes all we need is an outside view of our roadblocks to find the path to success. It is our duty as human beings to be the best we can be and this requires a lot of personal commitment but also, sometimes, the help of a professional coach.


The OwlMo team would like to take this moment to wish you all happy and healthy holidays.


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