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Hi all, welcome back to the OwlMo blog – we have been away for a little while working hard to bring you the best possible solution and we couldn’t have done so without your feedback and insights so THANK YOU!


From the numerous conversations we’ve had with industry leaders or up and coming coaches – at large tradeshows or small gatherings we have studied the needs of our target market closely and here are some thoughts we wanted to share:


Among the consulting industry, in its broad sense, the tech world has witnessed the emergence of dozens of companies that help coaches and consultants be more efficient in their 3 main fields of operation: scheduling meetings (Acuity, Calendly, Vcita etc), receiving payments (Stripe, Paypal, Square), provide video consultations (Skype, Zoom etc).

However, the problem remains in its entirety when it comes to the automation between the 3 sides. As it is now, consultants still have to use three separate providers to run their business online which makes the whole process very cumbersome and at times unprofessional. Clients face friction when using many different solutions which in turn reduces their long-term engagement.


OwlMo has for objective to solve that issue by providing an all in one solution that will not only streamline the coach’s daily process and enable him to focus solely on his calling but will also build trust and help create long term engagement with his clients.


At OwlMo we believe that every professional needs a set of tools to perform his task diligently and with the utmost professionalism in order to provide the highest quality service and results to his clients. OwlMo has the goal to become the solution that makes coaching accessible to all who want to benefit from it.


Try it for free on www.owlmo.com and improve your coaching practice today!



OwlMo, is an online solution that enables consultation based practices to manage their bookings, payments, and video consultations all-in-one and directly from their website. OwlMo provides an interactive calendar, a payment system and a video conferencing solution inside an automated process integrated on the website through a customizable page. 



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