OWLMO 2.0 is finally here!!

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Welcome to the OWLMO Blog!


We will post articles on a weekly basis giving great insight, tips and advice on how OWLMO can to optimize your business by streamlining your consultation process


But that’s not the only content you’ll see on here…


We will also run an interview series enabling you to learn more about our clients – what is their journey – why are they using our solution and how they believe it improves their business.


We also want this blog to be a place of inspiration for young aspiring entrepreneurs like ourselves.


The wait is over OWLMO version 2.0 is finally launching!


A startup can easily be compared to a toddler constantly, changing, evolving and learning from its environment.


Here at OWLMO we go through the same process constantly questioning our assumptions to assure we offer the best possible solution to our target market.


Our preconceived ideas regarding the potential success of our initial marketplace were perhaps too optimistic and led us to pivoting towards OWLMO 2.0.


OWLMO is now a SaaS solution – an all in one consultation management system that enables Coaches – Consultants and Small Businesses to schedule and sell video consultations directly from their website.


OWLMO integrates 3 main functionalities in one easy to use solution:


  • An interactive calendar for easy scheduling


  • A safe and secure automated payment system to receive payments


  • An integrated video conferencing system to interact with clients


OWLMO now solves a concrete problem our target market was facing on a daily basis by streamlining the way they manage their practice/business.

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