Multiply Your Coaching Business: 10 New Marketing Realities for the Coaching & Consulting Industries

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Hi all, welcome to the OWLMO blog! The OWLMO team will be hosting a very exclusive webinar with the successful coach Kevin Judge as a speaker.


The Webinar will be FREE for all so make sure to register using the link at the bottom of this article!


Below is the premise of the talk and a detailed agenda of the content that will be discussed.



What business are you in? The answer to that question must be MARKETING!


Most coaches are going about marketing their coaching business the wrong way. What worked in the past no longer works! You might be a great coach, but unless you understand and get really efficient at marketing, you won’t make it in today’s marketplace and economy. There are new marketing realities. Those who know about these critical shifts in the marketplace can capitalize upon them. Those who don’t are destined to continue to suffer poor business performance or even perish in the industry.


It’s getting much tougher to win in a big way today. Profits will continue to be squeezed as the coaching industry grows and under qualified coaches flood the market with low cost offerings. As coaches try to gain market share by competing and doing more of what continues to be ineffective, a new breed is emerging: those who create uncontested market share and make the competition irrelevant.


This session is bursting with new, powerful and low-cost ways to market yourself and create a lucrative coaching business. It will change the way you do business no matter where you are located: Kanata, Kampala or Kalamazoo.


In this interactive 90-minute session, participants will explore the new marketing realities and generate actionable ideas to help them:

  • Better appeal to the minds and motivations of coaching consumers
  • Build a strong personal brand
  • Raise credibility and visibility
  • Attract desired coaching clients
  • Increase referrals exponentially
  • Make the competition irrelevant
  • Grow a lucrative coaching business



For the few of you that are not familiar with our thought leading speaker here is a little bit more information about Kevin Judge:


Kevin is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). He helps individuals and businesses close the strategy to execution gap; essentially helping people that are serious about their success and willing to make the changes necessary so they can produce extraordinary results and transform impossible futures into reality.


He helps them create and execute a rock-solid plan, to think and do business differently than most others, and to stand out from the crowd so they can be successful in a fiercely competitive market.


For over 21 years in the corporate world, he helped individuals and businesses across the globe find success through targeted coaching, talent management and organizational development initiatives. He now runs his own company doing the same type of work and has added the Lucrative Coaching business to help coaches get more clients, transform more lives, and get paid well doing it.


Sign up for this FREE webinar below and bring you coaching practice to the next level!


Owlmo Webinar


OWLMO Is The Single Service Integration Point For All Consulting Professionals

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Hi all welcome to the OWLMO blog – Being a new solution on the market we often get asked who is OWLMO for? and How can it help my business?


A very well written article about us was published by the team at We Are Social Media and we wanted to share it with you on the blog. Enjoy!


The rise of the shared economy has given way to a new generation of professionals, pursuing their career goals as freelancers. 


Whether they work as nomads or just remotely, it’s now easier than ever to scout and find a professional in any corner of the world, and connect with them. And now, there’s a platform that helps consolidate all stages of hiring, and working with, a consulting professional online.

From booking to invoicing, OWLMO is the platform that promises to revolutionize the lifecycle of consulting.


With OWLMO, consultants can set up their booking preferences, customise any potential offers, set a pricing scheme, perform video calls, manage their clients, invoices, and payments. You will no longer have to hop from you booking app, to your chosen video call platform, to your payments app.


While the benefits on the consultant-side are pretty obvious, it’s also a very efficient platform for clients.


Sign up for free on and bring your business to the next level today!

How is Coaching different to Therapy – Mentoring and Consulting!

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Hi all welcome to the OWLMO blog – today we want to discuss how coaching is different to mentoring, therapy or consulting.


Prior to launching OWLMO and becoming highly involved in the coaching community it was difficult for us to make a clear-cut distinction between coaching, mentoring, consulting and therapy – so we did some research and asked subject matter experts.


How is coaching different to therapy?


Therapy is often related to a treatment, the idea of fixing a past problem or trauma, often digging deep in one’s childhood to find the root cause of an issue and solving it. In fact, the word literally means “curing, healing”. 

Now as mentioned in previous articles coaching acknowledges the past but most importantly focuses on helping someone move forward and accomplish his goals in the future. The focus is more on upcoming opportunities to be seized.


How is coaching different to mentoring?


A mentor is an individual that has accomplished the goals someone is currently pursuing and would advise to follow in his exact footsteps to achieve similar results, almost mirroring someone’s actions to accomplish similar successes.

A coach on the other hand will take into account someone’s morals, beliefs and experiences to help them find their unique road to success, understanding that there could be several paths to achieving a goal.


How is coaching different to consulting?


A consultant is often an individual that is hired to solve a specific issue, a concrete task. He will implement a plan, find relevant solutions and provide the results to his client. Very little interaction happens between both parties during the reasoning phase.

A coach on to other hand tries to involve his client at every step of the way, always guiding him to the path of success. Thomas Crane in his book The Heart of coaching says: “Coaching is a healthy, positive and enabling process that develops the capacity of people to solve today’s business problems”



Whether you are a coach, a mentor or a consultant OWLMO is the perfect solution to help you streamline your practice all in one place directly linked on your website. Finally make it easy for your clients and future prospects to interact with you and seek the help they need to achieve the goals they are targeting.


Sign up for free on and improve your coaching- mentoring or consulting practice today!

How to find the right coach?

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Hi all, welcome to the OWLMO blog – today we want to talk about the main things to look for when searching for a coach.


As we mentioned in previous articles the coaching industry is booming and new experts are constantly calling themselves coaches – so how do we find the one that is right for us?


A coach is an expert that will help someone overcome roadblocks in order to accomplish the goals he has set for himself. But one cannot be an expert at everything thus it is very important to narrow down our search as much as possible. Nowadays coaches are more and more specialized so finding one that has extensive experience in solving a problem similar to the one we are facing is easier than ever. Also, the increase in online coaching tools such as OWLMO enables someone to broaden his search past local listings in order to find that diamond in the rough.


Secondly, coaching is about opening up to an expert in order to seek help in a personal aspect of our lives which could put us in an extremely vulnerable state, therefore it is key that we trust the coach’s abilities. The most sensible way to do so is to seek a coach with the appropriate credentials. Organizations such as the International Coach Federation have created guidelines that coaching schools follow in order to benefit from recognized accreditations. However, that does not make all coaches with no credentials bad or unprofessional and perhaps one with no diploma might be better suited to help us. In that case the best way to find the appropriate expert is to use referrals. One should ask his entourage if they have used a coach or if they know someone who has, this will automatically build trust between the expert and the one seeking help.


Finally, coaching is an interaction between two human beings, therefore personal and gut feelings often come into play. A coach will often offer a free discovery session to determine if there is a right fit between both parties, it is important to use that time wisely to make the right decision.


At OWLMO we enable a coach to manage and streamline his practice using a unique and centralized solution but we also reduce friction on the client side to make it easy to find and interact with the right expert to accomplish personal or professional goals.


Try it for free on and attract more clients today!


Benefits to Online Coaching!

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Hi all, welcome to the OWLMO blog – today we want to talk about the benefits of online coaching.


As we just rang in the new year and many people are seeking help from self-improvement experts to accomplish all of their 2018 goals, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss online coaching and all its benefits.


Another year has gone by and tremendous leaps in the world of technology have helped simplify our lives in all aspects, it is now time to take advantage of these advancements in the coaching and consulting industry.


Everyone seeking help to improve an aspect of their life should not be limited by geographical or logistical boundaries. The coaching industry is rapidly growing however rural regions of the country provide very limited access to local experts thus the importance of online coaching to provide equal access to all.


In today’s extremely active societies time has become a luxury many people lack of and here at OWLMO we believe that it is a service providers responsibility to adapt to a client’s needs. Online coaching offers someone the convenience of benefiting from a high-quality consultation from the comfort of his own home. Saving time and money by avoiding a regular commute.


Some might say that providing a consultation over the phone will reduce the quality of the service, which in some cases isn’t wrong. This is why the improvements in video conferencing technology are extremely important. Today a coach has the ability to provide face to face quality service to a client located in the comfort of his own home and sometimes across the world – taking advantage of facial expressions and reactions not available over the phone.


In a world where convenience has become key, the democratization of coaching via online tools will provide access to self-improvement experts to the masses.


OWLMO’s all in one solution is the perfect tool to bring your coaching practice online – simplify the way you manage your business with a single centralized solution to manage bookings – receive payments and provide video consultations to your clients directly from your website. Improve your clients experience by reducing friction and offering more flexibility and convenience to adapt to his or her hectic schedule.


Try it for free on and improve your coaching practice today!


Last but not least we want to wish a happy and healthy New Year to all of you!

The Importance of Coaching!

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Hi all, welcome to the OwlMo blog – today we want to talk about the importance of coaching, as you may know, we are not certified coaches ourselves however we have been actively involved in the industry for quite a while and wanted to share our thoughts on the question.


First of all, this post has been inspired by the eye-opening talk Atul Gawande gave at a TED event earlier this year and we urge you all to watch it: (


How do professionals improve at what they do? Is it sufficient to go to school, graduate with a degree and hope that we will constantly get greater at our daily tasks?


It is very difficult to unlearn something that we have learned in the past however in today’s rapidly evolving society a skill acquired yesterday may no longer be relevant tomorrow. It is our responsibility to continue improving ourselves on a daily basis.


A coach provides an outside perspective, a different view on a recurring problem, guiding someone to the solution he has been looking for all along. Through our professional careers and personal lives, we run in to issues that we manage to avoid because we don’t necessarily have the answers to fix them. On the short term, it may seem as if we are removing the problem but on the long run it just keeps us stagnant as the issue will rise again.


Gawande describes coaches as “external eyes and years providing a more accurate picture of your reality”. Sometimes all we need is an outside view of our roadblocks to find the path to success. It is our duty as human beings to be the best we can be and this requires a lot of personal commitment but also, sometimes, the help of a professional coach.


The OwlMo team would like to take this moment to wish you all happy and healthy holidays.


We make it our mission to provide the tools Coaches and Consultants need to help their clients become better versions of themselves.


OwlMo, is an online solution that enables consultation based practices to manage their bookings, payments, and video consultations all-in-one and directly from their website. OwlMo provides an interactive calendar, a payment system and a video conferencing solution inside an automated process integrated on the website through a customizable page.


Try it for free on and improve your coaching practice today!

Why will OwlMo improve your coaching practice!

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Hi all, welcome back to the OwlMo blog – we have been away for a little while working hard to bring you the best possible solution and we couldn’t have done so without your feedback and insights so THANK YOU!


From the numerous conversations we’ve had with industry leaders or up and coming coaches – at large tradeshows or small gatherings we have studied the needs of our target market closely and here are some thoughts we wanted to share:


Among the consulting industry, in its broad sense, the tech world has witnessed the emergence of dozens of companies that help coaches and consultants be more efficient in their 3 main fields of operation: scheduling meetings (Acuity, Calendly, Vcita etc), receiving payments (Stripe, Paypal, Square), provide video consultations (Skype, Zoom etc).

However, the problem remains in its entirety when it comes to the automation between the 3 sides. As it is now, consultants still have to use three separate providers to run their business online which makes the whole process very cumbersome and at times unprofessional. Clients face friction when using many different solutions which in turn reduces their long-term engagement.


OwlMo has for objective to solve that issue by providing an all in one solution that will not only streamline the coach’s daily process and enable him to focus solely on his calling but will also build trust and help create long term engagement with his clients.


At OwlMo we believe that every professional needs a set of tools to perform his task diligently and with the utmost professionalism in order to provide the highest quality service and results to his clients. OwlMo has the goal to become the solution that makes coaching accessible to all who want to benefit from it.


Try it for free on and improve your coaching practice today!



OwlMo, is an online solution that enables consultation based practices to manage their bookings, payments, and video consultations all-in-one and directly from their website. OwlMo provides an interactive calendar, a payment system and a video conferencing solution inside an automated process integrated on the website through a customizable page. 



OWLMO 2.0 is finally here!!

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Welcome to the OWLMO Blog!


We will post articles on a weekly basis giving great insight, tips and advice on how OWLMO can to optimize your business by streamlining your consultation process


But that’s not the only content you’ll see on here…


We will also run an interview series enabling you to learn more about our clients – what is their journey – why are they using our solution and how they believe it improves their business.


We also want this blog to be a place of inspiration for young aspiring entrepreneurs like ourselves.


The wait is over OWLMO version 2.0 is finally launching!


A startup can easily be compared to a toddler constantly, changing, evolving and learning from its environment.


Here at OWLMO we go through the same process constantly questioning our assumptions to assure we offer the best possible solution to our target market.


Our preconceived ideas regarding the potential success of our initial marketplace were perhaps too optimistic and led us to pivoting towards OWLMO 2.0.


OWLMO is now a SaaS solution – an all in one consultation management system that enables Coaches – Consultants and Small Businesses to schedule and sell video consultations directly from their website.


OWLMO integrates 3 main functionalities in one easy to use solution:


  • An interactive calendar for easy scheduling


  • A safe and secure automated payment system to receive payments


  • An integrated video conferencing system to interact with clients


OWLMO now solves a concrete problem our target market was facing on a daily basis by streamlining the way they manage their practice/business.


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Hi Guys,


OWLMO is evolving to best serve the needs of our market.


The hassle in providing online consultations directly from your website is now over.


The OWLMO consultation management system will enable you to schedule and sell video consultations directly from your website.


Click on the presentation to find out about the changes coming to OWLMO.


OWLMO 2.0 Presentation